nosocks (2 pair)
nosocks (2 pair)
nosocks (2 pair)
nosocks (2 pair)
nosocks (2 pair)
nosocks (2 pair)
nosocks (2 pair)
nosocks (2 pair)
nosocks (2 pair)

nosocks (2 pair)

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Unisex - Regular fit

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Low shoes call for bare ankles. You don't want your socks peeking above your shoes. You want nosocks.

nosocks are specially designed to disappear in low shoes, stylish sneakers or smart loafers. The socks are totally invisible, unlike most standard ankle socks. The unrivalled fit and the inventive heel grip ensure that the socks stay put, all day long.

nosocks are made from comfortable Merino wool or cool Egyptian cotton. Choose wool on cold days to keep your feet nice and warm. Opt for cotton on warm days or when working out to keep your feet cool and fresh.

nosocks are made by hand with the utmost care. They deserve the same care when you wear and wash them. So you don't have to worry about it for a long time.

Tip 1: same colours 
nosocks are available in three colours: black, white and dark blue. Wash them with dark, white or coloured laundry and use a detergent without bleach.

Tip 2: not too hot
You can wash nosocks at 30 or 40 degrees. Warmer isn’t necessary and may cause the socks to shrink, which would be a shame..

Tip 3: use a laundry bag
In addition to being invisible, nosocks are small and can therefore easily hide in pillowcases, duvet covers or the edges of your washing machine. Using a laundry bag will help you avoid the unnecessary search for that one missing sock.

Tip 4: dry first
Allow the socks to air-dry or tumble dry on low (synthetic setting). This will help nosocks keep their elasticity and fit. For hygienically clean laundry, it is important that the socks are dry before you fold them. After all, bacteria love moisture! Don’t give germs a chance and prevent unpleasant odours.

Tip 5: fold, don’t roll
Fold nosocks individually and never ball them up. They stretch even when you don't wear them. The folding technique may take some getting used to, but it helps nosocks keep their perfect fit.

Tip 6: trim your toenails regularly
Prevent rapid wear and holes around the toe area by trimming your toenails regularly.

In summer, you can wear our cotton nosocks, which are made from the finest cotton in the world: Egyptian cotton. This soft, strong, cool and breathable yarn can absorb a lot of moisture. Perfect for your socks.

The distinct long fibres prevent fluffing, helping the socks retain their fit and appearance even after intensive wear and washing. Combined with a minimal amount of Lycra and an anti-slip layer on the heel, nosocks will stay comfortably put all day long. And thanks to the antibacterial effect, your feet will stay fresh longer, even on hot days.

For winter: wool nosocks
The wintry wool version is made from soft Merino wool. They’re warmer but just as fresh and comfortable on your feet.

Our wool comes from Merino sheep from Tasmania, which is processed in Italy into the finest threads. The wool is combed before it’s spun, keeping only the longest wool fibres. These create a luxurious look and a silky-soft feel. The wool fibres are combined with 30% nylon during the spinning process. With this we create a solid but soft thread.