Find your perfect sneaker socks

Are all sneaker socks the same?
Many different sneaker socks are available on the market in terms of style, material and price. This can make it hard to find sneaker socks that suit you well. First of all, sneaker sock is an umbrella term for different types of socks, such as ankle socks, footies and quarter socks.

Ankle sock
The first style is the ankle sock. This is the best-known sock and is characterized by a low fit. Depending on the type of shoe you wear, this sock is just barely visible.

A popular take on the ankle sock is the footie. These are worn when you don’t want sneaker socks to be visible above your shoes. The footie is cut lower than the ankle sock. To ensure that the footie stays in place, an anti-slip layer on the heel or a tighter elastic in the cuff is used.

Quarter sock
The last style is the quarter sock. In terms of length, it falls between an ankle sock and a normal sock. They are clearly visible above shoes. Quarter socks are mainly worn during exercise. The length of the sock keeps them in place during various movements and reduces the chance of blisters.

Your preferred sock style is very personal. Of course, you could always switch things up and wear different styles. All sneaker socks are suitable for both men and women.

Is wearig shoes without socks hygienic?
Some people prefer not to wear socks in shoes, while others find it unsanitary or uncomfortable. Until recently, no research had been conducted on the hygiene of going sockless.

Size? study 
The European shoe store Size? conducted a study on bacterial growth when wearing shoes without socks. Tests were performed on the sole, top and insole of various sneakers and on sneakers worn in different environments. The results found up to three times less bacterial growth when wearing socks than when going sockless.

Wear socks in shoes
In short, when it comes to hygiene, it really matters whether you wear socks in your shoes. Another reason to wear socks in your shoes is because it protects your feet from chafing and reduces the chance of blisters.

Does the perfect sneaker sock exist?
Finding the perfect sneaker sock is difficult. Some peek out above your shoes, others slip off your heel. Other sneakers socks make your feet sweat in summer or don't keep your feet warm enough in winter. We have the solution for all these inconveniences: nosocks.

Footies from nosocks
At nosocks, we want sneaker socks to be completely invisible. This is possible thanks to the cut of our nosocks footies. They stay put all day thanks to the anti-slip layer on the heel and the good fit. They also have a breathable instep and an antibacterial finish to keep your feet fresh all day long.

Cotton in the summer, wool in the winter
Nosocks has 100% Egyptian cotton footies that are perfect for summer. This cotton is soft, strong, cool and has breathable yarn that can absorb a lot of moisture. For the winter months, we offer a version made from soft Merino wool. This also gives you warm and fresh feet when wearing low shoes in winter.

Footies for men and women 
Our women’s footies are available on the nosocks website. These invisible socks are available in men's sizes on the Noshirt website. 

We are confident in the quality of our socks. That's why you can wear, wash and dry them for 30 days with a money-back guarantee.